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Dialog for pease

We invite you to the event “Ukraine: dialogue for peace”. 

In the 21st century we could not imagine a war in the center of Europe, or the suffering of people now live under bombs and in fear. But it happened, Putin’s policy has resulted in disaster. By starting the war, Russia not only isolated itself, but also made it possible to assume that authoritarian regimes will again return us to a period of dictatorship marked with force and terror. Today, aiding Ukraine is not solely a diplomatic move or a charity cause. Comprehensive assistance to Ukraine is a necessity, the Western world is obliged to defeat Putin, establish the rule of law, human rights and decency. During the conference, participants are invited to listen to the speeches of Ukrainian public figures, leaders of social movements, politicians, and the military sector. Listen to a panel discussion on the future of Ukraine and the world. Discuss scenarios for ending the war as soon as possible. The insight from European and American politicians , scientists, leaders of social movements, politicians, representatives of analytical structures and charitable foundations will also be contributed.

Main themes:

⁃ Сurrent situation (reality from Ukrainians) 

⁃ Occupation (details about Russian occupation in southern Ukraine ) 

⁃ Humanitarian crisis and way to solution 

⁃ Refugee programs in EU and US 

⁃ Diplomatic part and support 

⁃ What next? Military aid, diplomatic, sanctions 

⁃ What you can do now and in future

⁃ Short presentations of volunteer work and initiatives 

⁃ Other

If you wish, you can join the advocacy campaign and learn more about charitable collections and initiatives in support of Ukraine.Please register:  https://forms.gle/YfQW6SPb3pjUsZGp9


Kateryna Odarchenko — president of Institute foe democracy and development “PolitA”

Yrii Kamelchuk — member of Parliament of Ukraine (Sluga narodu political party) 

Vadym Galaychuk — member of Parliament of Ukraine (Sluga narodu political party) 

Anna Skorokhod — independent member of Parliament of Ukraine

Lina Klebanova, a known Ukrainian мedia-activist who took a significant part in the 2014 revolution on Maidan, and produced the Oscar Nominated movie «Winter on Fire «, Volunteer center «Diyemo razom»

Igor Korzh — head of NGO “European path for Ukraine”

Julia Singh is a Berlin-based activist and creator of “Voices of Ukraine” — an Instagram project which gives Ukrainian voices a space to be heard in the West — for more understanding and real support!

Yegor Aushev — Ph.D. 

CEO & cofounder Cyber Unit Technologies. Coordinator of cyber volunteers and cyber army of Ukraine

Volodymyr Bondarenko — Deputy Mayor-Secretary of the Kyiv City Council

Ana Varava — Fashion and media business expert, cultural diplomat. Expert at the Council of Creative Economy Development in Ukraine 

Ex senior fellow in sectoral policy and communication at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from EU (Association4U project)

Nancy Bocskor: President, The Nancy Bocskor Company, who has worked in the region for nearly 30 year

Yuriel Shtern — head of “Kvitna” charity foundatio, and  freelance advisor on humanitarian issues mayor of the city of Irpin

Kendall Coffey  — Mr. Coffey is a former U.S. Attorney, Southern District of Florida (1993-1996); and served as Chair, Southern District Conference, Florida Federal Judicial Nominating Commission (April 2009 – January 2017). He is annually recognized as one of Florida Trend’s Legal Elite, Florida “Super Lawyer,” and South Florida Legal Guide’s “Top Lawyers”, recognized by the National Law Journal as one of its Lawyers of the Year for 2000, as Member of Gore Legal Team. He concentrates on complex litigation at trial and appellate levels, in state and federal court.

Kadyrov Eric —  tech investment banker and CEO of www.PrivateTechNetwork.com, AI software company with dev team in Kiev. Previously CEO of Credit Suisse Ukraine

Nadya Kopanitsa — all-Ukrainian Association of Management Consultants, member of the commission on professional ethics. National Association of Facilitators of Ukraine. Member

Egon Cholakian —  is a private consultant engaged in Dual-use technology export trade.

Bereza OleksandrMember of Council — Mykolayiv City Council

Liron Edery — Head of the Association for the Development of Jewish Communities of Ukraine, Rabbi of Krivoy Rog

Irina Kopanitsa — White Robbon Foundation Ukraine/USA, member of the Supervisory Board 

(combating violence), entrepreneur (factory of  respirators’ production), 

member of the Tech4ukraine by Paula Schwarz aid group for Ukraine

Paula Schwarz — greek and german famous activist, who working with humanitarian workers, tech-experts and politicians on the easing of the Syrian refugee crisis in this border region.

Paula  created a campus here where we test solutions that could be useful for other refugee crises, now Ukraine.

Mlove.org/mfrc is such a solution, and the refugeefirstresponsecenter.com

Tymur Chmeruk — IGAPA.net, member of Institute for decor Ary and development, businessmen, have experience in Working for investment in Ukraine 

Marta Lima — DOINA Association — Migrant NGO based in the Algarve region of Portugal (all nationalities) works toward the support and inclusion of any migrant that comes to the region. Marta Lima — activist, advocacy for human rights, and social projects manager mainly in europe. Since the war started working on the rescue of ukranian families that wish to come to Portugal as well as social work on integration on arrival.

Alexander Khmara  — CEO VENGURION, IT company based in Kiev. Head of board of “Ukrainian National Importers Association”

Dietmar Pichler — Vienna based professional, founder of Centrum for Digital media. Work actively against disinformation 

Irina Mirochnik is Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD), Member of the Board of the European Gravure Association (ERA), Member of the EAFA/FPE Committee on Sustainable Development, President of the Flexible Packaging Association of Ukraine, official UN representative of «SAVE FOOD» initiative in Ukraine, Board Member of Kyiv City Federation of Employers of Ukraine, Board Member of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

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