Ukrainian Humanitarian Headquaters

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Headquarters is an initiative created by the NGO “Institute for Democracy and Development “PolitA”, Kateryna Odarchenko and hundreds of volunteers from Ukraine.

Our mission: To unite as much as possible the efforts of business, promised organizations and government structures around the solution of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Joint efforts will help us save hundreds of thousands of lives of people affected by the war with Russia.

Our Vision: Help victims now, prevent war in the future.

Our tasks:

— Informing about the humanitarian problems of Ukraine
— Collection of specific requests for help
— Organization of full cycle assistance
— Form clear accountability and lean feedback to increase the scope of projects and support more people and communities
— We are a platform for communication between volunteers and projects
— We create analytics and plans for the restoration of Ukraine, specific communities
— We contact with authorities, businesses and communities around the world to strengthen support for Ukraine and address the humanitarian crisis
— Help for refugees

Our work tools:

— Fundraising and humanitarian aid
— Organization of timely and targeted delivery of aid with a clear control system
— Targeted work on the most relevant projects in hot spots
— Creating Information projects
— Discussion of problems and communication of related projects
— Humanitarian assistance to refugees in their resettlement, medical assistance, support

Priority new projects at the moment

Peace Dialogue — a platform for the exchange of views and presentation of projects. Dozens of people have already found partners on this platform and were able to convey the key problems of the regions to the whole world

Organization of humanitarian centers and headquarters — the organization helps existing centers and creates its own to help temporarily displaced persons, distribute food, clothing, and essential products. In such headquarters and evacuation, we pay special attention to people who have suffered from direct violence (raped women), as well as to people who have lost their homes, prisoners.

Organization of the evacuation of people — work. Over the evacuation of people, including people with disabilities, large children.

Organization of medical assistance in Ukraine and abroad — assistance to the most vulnerable people who, due to the evil of wars, do not have access to hospitals and require slander, surveillance, emergency operations.

Organization for the Provision of Volunteers and Territorial Defense of Ukraine — assistance in the purchase of food, organization of transport, medical support and protective equipment (body armor, helmets, clothing) for these groups

Promoting the interests of Ukraine in the world — work on informing foreign governments, businesses, NGOs about the situation in Ukraine. Lobbying the interests of Ukraine in other countries, working to increase the country’s support budgets and the volume of humanitarian aid.

Organization of assistance to people in the occupied territories — unfortunately, the delivery of assistance and evacuation from the territories occupied by the Russian Federation is difficult. But we have access to the possibility of targeted assistance (financial) to people who are there, who have become victims of army violence. We hope that soon we will be able to evacuate people and expand assistance programs in these areas.

To apply for assistance, please fill out the following form:


If you want to help?

— You can join outreach to support Ukraine or help raise funds in your community or country
— You can help the organization financially and make a donation
— You can become our volunteers in Ukraine or your country
— You can offer partner help or a project

For other help, please fill out this form:


Message from the project initiator:

Good afternoon. My name is Kateryna Odarchenko, I am from Kherson (now the territory occupied by waxes of the Russian Federation), recently I worked both in Kherson and in the capital of Ukraine Kyiv. I headed a consulting company, I am actively engaged in the promised activities, I was a very recognizable chalked face in the vector of democracy development and reforms. The war changed the lives of all of us. I, with small children, was also forced to leave the house due to direct threats to life. My father’s family was also persecuted because of his active work against the influence of Russia in the young region of the country (he was even included in the list of Sanctions of the Duma of the Russian Federation, and his associates were stolen and beaten). I know all the details of the military blunting of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, they should be orders at the very least punishment. Because of the Kremlin’s policies, Millions of women, children and the elderly were left without a future and a shelter for their heads, Tens of thousands of military and civilians died, tens of thousands of civilians were brutally killed, hundreds were subjected to extreme forms of violence (rape, bullying), or simply imprisoned in basements. And this situation does not stop. Hunger in the occupied territories has also become the norm. And this is all happening in the 21st century in valuable Europe. We must help. We must act both in the vector of promoting the interests of Ukraine and increasing diplomatic support, as well as on the humanitarian front. We must save as many lives as possible. We must do it now.